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How will my luggage be transported?

Cycle carefree and without ballast, because on our round trips we take your main luggage from accommodation to accommodation for you every day. You leave your suitcases at the hotel in the morning and receive them again at your next accommodation. The luggage will normally be transported from and to the hotel receptions. You therefore need to be able to bring your luggage to your room by yourself - not all hotels have elevators, please pack accordingly! For logistical reasons, many trips are limited to one suitcase per person and a weight of 20 kg. Details can also be found in the respective travel offer.

On our centre based tours, your luggage stays at the hotel. You have the advantage of not having to change accommodation every day and can leave all your luggage in your room. On our bike+boat trips, your “hotel” travels with you, so you only take the essentials with you for the cycling stages (bearing in mind that you cannot board the boat during the cycling stages)


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